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JAVA technology continues its progress at the forefront of high performance application environments. Its flexibility and power however can bring complexity and difficulties in achieving the desired performance from your developed or purchased application platform.

This engagement is designed to provide targeted recommendations against a set of known problems or as a general performance health check to assess opportunities for JAVA application performance improvement.

Proven Deployment

This engagement has been developed to help effectively identify performance issues reactively or proactively within your J2EE application portfolio.

All recommendations are weighted with anticipated benefits and are normally focused at specifically identified issues.

Application performance is one of greatest challenges in the modern 3+ tier application architecture, this engagement will help you target improvements that will be demonstrable to your end processing, whether that is a batch process of an end user.

Reduce Your Risk

Our engagement is designed to work collaboratively alongside your application developers, systems and database administrators to identify the root cause of performance problems and correctly resolve them at source.

The scope of the engagement caters for:

  • Assessing the performance requirements of the application or process
  • Measuring and providing key metrics on the identified problem
  • Recommend corrective actions that will address the identified issues at their root - resolving them once at source.
  • The improvements can be recommended in any of the following:
    • J2EE application code.
    • JVM installation and configuration
    • Database calls
    • Operating System configuration
    • Application Architecture
    • Network connectivity
    • Hardware Architecture

The Linxcel Advantage

With a broad variety of clients utilising our performance management services, we have seen many varied and challenging environments, developing our Application Performance Capability over the last 20 years. As Oracle partners and authors of "High Performance Oracle", published by Wiley our Oracle specialists are industry proven professionals with a track record in delivery.


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