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Grid computing, the coordinated use of many servers and storage acting as one large computer, enables IT organizations to more effectively meet information processing demands. An educated assessment of how grid computing could be utilized by your organization can position you to take early advantage of this important IT trend. Oracle is an industry leader in this area, offering the first database designed for grid computing and the Linxcel Grid Computing Strategy Development Engagement is delivered in the form of a Grid Computing Strategy Workshop and a fixed price technical assessment that can help you learn more about taking advantage of grid computing to become more efficient, flexible, and responsive to your business whilst improving technology costs and service levels.

Identify Critical Computing Requirements

The Grid Computing Strategy Engagement provides an enterprise- architecture-level assessment and review of your business requirements, current IT infrastructure, and business process flows. This information helps us work with you to determine where grid computing strategies could be utilized to more efficiently meet your information processing requirements, or if more-detailed analysis is needed.

Key topics to be examined during the workshop include the:

  • Reliability and availability of your current infrastructure: Does it meet the service-level agreements of your business? Does it meet your requirements for business continuity and data security?
  • Performance of your information processing systems: Do they have the capacity to process transactions in a time required to satisfy the needs of your customers?
  • Flexibility of your systems: Can they meet the changing demands of the business as quickly as you would like?
  • Total cost of ownership of existing systems: Can you increase services while lowering IT costs?

How the Engagement Works

The engagement is executed as a Grid Computing Strategy Workshop and is designed to help you evaluate your IT infrastructure.

A high-level review of current IT policies, practices, and architecture is conducted in order to identify weaknesses that could be impacting your company's business.

Aspects of the evaluation include, but are not limited to, reviews of your organizations:

  • IT portfolio
  • Application and database architecture and standards
  • Hardware and network infrastructure
  • Systems development lifecycle

Participation in the engagement will result in an analysis of your current IT infrastructure and a roadmap for its evolution, helping you to better understand policies, procedures and architecture that may keep you from achieving the benefits of grid computing.

By understanding your IT infrastructure, we are able to help you analyze overall IT resource utilization inefficiencies and identify potential strategies to increase efficiency, while improving reliability and availability.

Linxcel will help you develop a low-risk, phased approach plan to move your IT infrastructure from its current implementation to a recommended architecture that is ready to take full advantage of Oracle's best practices for grid computing.

The Linxcel Advantage

This engagement helps you understand key inflection points in your future technology strategy allowing your organisation to capitalise on the benefits that a GRID computing enabled technology infrastructure will bring.

As Oracle partners and authors of "High Performance Oracle", published by Wiley our Oracle specialists are industry proven professionals with a track record in delivery.


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