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Indepth/.NET for Indepth .NET Performance Monitoring

Deliver peak performance of .Net and ASP.Net applications with automatic performance problem isolation and resolution.

Track performance of

  • ASP .NET Service Requests
  • Web Services
  • Methods
  • SQL Statements
  • .NET Perfmon Statistics

The i3 Performance Warehouse database provides a long-term trending and reporting capability.

Indepth/.NET is an application service management solution that helps you optimize .NET and ASP .NET application performance during the development, testing, and production phases of the application life cycle.  Because the solution introduces little to no overhead, it is designed to run in production environments, where it provides complete visibility into your applications.  You may customize the configuration to monitor any .NET classes and methods to rapidly detect the hotspots and bottlenecks in your applications. Allowing you to rapidly optimize and improve performance.

When performance problems are detected Precise i3 helps you rapidly pinpoint the causes, communicate them with colleagues, and identify the most effective course of action.


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