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Indepth/Web Indepth Web Server Performance Monitoring

Deliver peak performance of web servers

  • Complete visibility into Web applications in a production environment
  • Maximize operational efficiency by utilizing SmarTuneT technology to automate bottleneck detection and correction

The i3 Performance Warehouse database provides a long-term trending and reporting capability.

Indepth/Web is a comprehensive performance management solution that helps you improve end user response time by proactively monitoring, analyzing, and tuning your websites and related transactions. Indepth/Web uses low impact detailed data collection technology to provide a true insight into what is actually going on inside your web servers to remove the guess work from tuning and reduce tuning times significantly.

The software focuses on the interaction between web clients and the web server, helping you better manage and measure the performance of business-critical web-based transactions. By combining both performance metrics with traffic metrics, this solution helps you ensure service levels are being maintained. And because the software provides visibility without introducing overhead, it is optimized to be run in a production environment and be shared by development, QA, and production groups.

When problems are detected, i3 helps you pinpoint the cause, identify the most effective course of action, and quickly solve the problem to restore peak performance.


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