Software - Precise i3 for Web/J2EE


Web/J2EE Web and J2EE Performance Monitoring

Deliver peak performance of web-J2EE applications.

  • Ensures web-based application presentation layer is optimized
  • Validates the web server / J2EE application design and architecture
  • Provides visibility in context as transactions move from web to J2EE tier, and follow transaction performance from the J2EE tier into the database

The i3 Performance Warehouse database provides a long-term trending and reporting capability.

i3 for Web-J2EE helps you improve end user response time by proactively monitoring, analyzing, and tuning your web-based applications anchored by J2EE application servers. By collecting detailed performance data from the web client, web server, and J2EE tier, i3 helps you quickly isolate poor performing web pages and transactions, then correlate them with the appropriate J2EE methods. And because the software introduces no overhead, it is designed to run in a production environment.

When problems are detected, i3 helps you pinpoint the cause, identify the most effective course of action, and quickly solve the problem to restore peak performance.


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